Chapter 10. Catalyst QoS Tools

This chapter discusses the following Catalyst QoS tools:

  • Classification and marking tools

  • Mapping tools

  • Policing and markdown tools

  • Queuing tools

These tools are considered on a platform-specific basis on the following families of switches:

  • Catalyst 2950

  • Catalyst 2970

  • Catalyst 3550

  • Catalyst 3560

  • Catalyst 3750

  • Catalyst 4550 (Supervisors II+ through V)

  • Catalyst 6500 (Supervisor 2 and Supervisor 720)

Most of the QoS tools discussed to this point were covered in the context of Cisco IOS Software features. As such, these features entail a CPU tax when they are implemented, and some tools require more CPU cycles than others. The CPU overhead required increases with the line rates of the media to which the policies are applied.

In a ...

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