Chapter 12. Campus QoS Design

This chapter discusses QoS considerations and design principles for the access, distribution, and core layers of an enterprise campus network. These include access edge models for trusted, untrusted, and conditionally trusted endpoints, along with queuing models that vary on a per-platform or per-line card basis.

Detailed QoS designs for the following Catalyst switch platforms are presented:

  • Catalyst 2950

  • Catalyst 2970

  • Catalyst 3550

  • Catalyst 3560

  • Catalyst 3750

  • Catalyst 4500 (Supervisors II+ through V)

  • Catalyst 6500 (Supervisor 2/PFC2 and Supervisor 720/PFC3)

The case for QoS in WANs and VPNs is, for the most part, self evident simply because of the low-bandwidth links involved compared to the high-bandwidth requirements of ...

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