Chapter 17. Campus QoS Design Case Study

Having defined Tifosi Software’s strategic eight-class end-to-end QoS model (in Chapter 12, “Strategic QoS Design Case Study,” and illustrated in Figure 12-2), the networking team is now ready to apply these policies on a per-platform basis to their (wired) campus network infrastructure.

Tifosi has a multitier campus network, consisting of Cisco Catalyst 3750-X switches at the access layer, Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Supervisor 7-E switches at the distribution layer, and Cisco Catalyst 6500-Supervisor 2T switches at the core layer (with both WS-X6908-10GE and WS-X6904-40G-2TXL modules).

Tifosi has multiple types of endpoints connecting to the access layer of the campus, including the following:

Desktop PCs ...

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