Building a snake engine in JavaScript

It is time to get your hands dirty. Let's see how to create an engine in JavaScript to manage a snake game using our board, our factory, and the power of QML.

Please create a new engine.js file with the following snippet:

.import "factory.js" as Factory 
.import "board.js" as Board 
var COLUMN_COUNT = 50; 
var ROW_COUNT = 29; 
var BLOCK_SIZE = 1; 
var factory = new Factory.GameFactory(); 
var board = new Board.Board(COLUMN_COUNT, ROW_COUNT, BLOCK_SIZE); 
var snake = []; 
var direction; 

The first lines are the Qt way to import a JavaScript file from another JavaScript file. Then, we can easily instantiate a factory variable and a 50x29 board variable. The snake array contains all the snake game items instantiated. ...

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