xii Endpoint Security and Compliance Management Design Guide Using IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
The team who wrote this book
This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working
at the International Technical Support Organization, Rochester Center.
Axel Buecker is a Certified Consulting Software IT Specialist
at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin
Center. He writes extensively and teaches IBM classes
worldwide on areas of Software Security Architecture and
Network Computing Technologies. He holds a degree in
computer science from the University of Bremen, Germany.
He has 25 years of experience in various areas related to
Workstation and Systems Management, Network Computing,
and e-business Solutions. Before joining the ITSO in March
2000, Axel worked for IBM in Germany as a Senior IT
Specialist in Software Security Architecture.
Alisson Campos is a Certified Senior Software Specialist at
IBM Brazil with a specialization in IBM Security solutions. He
is also the Technical Leader for the Tivoli Security Software
Group team in Brazil. He has 14 years of experience in
designing and implementing large and complex Information
Security and Service Management Solutions in several client
organizations and industries, based on client business needs
and technical requirements. He is a Master Certified IT
Specialist by the Open Group and he holds numerous
Information Security, Network, Operating System, and
Services Management Certifications. He holds a degree as a
Systems Analyst from University Mackenzie and a
Post-Graduation in Network Solutions from FASP.
Peter Cutler is a Client Technical Professional for the IBM
Software Group Security team in the United Kingdom,
demonstrating, implementing, and consulting on Security
technologies. Peter has an enthusiastic focus on the IBM
Tivoli Security portfolio, specifically Endpoint Protection and
Intrusion Prevention, while also consulting on Identity and
Access management solutions. Peter has worked for several
years in the Semiconductor manufacturing industry as a
design engineer for wafer handling robotics and power
semiconductors. Peter holds a Bachelor of Engineering
(BEng) degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering with
Business Management from the University of Surrey, United
Preface xiii
Andy Hu is an IBM Security Solutions Software Engineer at
the IBM Software lab in Taiwan. He has worked on IBM
endpoint and management security products, such as IBM
Proventia® Server Protection for Windows, Proventia
Desktop, and Site Protector. Before joining IBM, he was a
senior test engineer at TrendMicro specializing in endpoint
security products. He helped to develop the first Trend Micro
endpoint security product to fully integrate with the Bigfix®
Enterprise Suite (BES) - Core Protection Module for Windows
and later, Core Protection Module for Mac. He has two years
of experience in developing, operating, and managing BES
before IBM acquired BigFix and later renamed it to IBM Tivoli
Endpoint Manager. Andy holds a Bachelors degree in
Computer Science from the University of Auckland, New
Zealand, and a Masters degree in Business Information
Garreth Jeremiah is a Senior Security Specialist with IBM
Global Services. Garreth focuses on Endpoint Protection,
Perimeter Protection, and Information Security technologies,
such as DLP, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, and Encryption
systems. Garreth has over 16 years of experience in the
security field. He has over 14 years of experience in Solution
Architecture Design and Implementation in EMEA, AP, and
North America across diverse industries. He began his
post-military career with IBM in EMEA performing penetration
testing, ethical hacking, and support to IBM Network Services,
globally. Garreth has several patents in the area of Information
Security and is currently working with the IBM Global CISO
focusing on endpoint security and compliance. He is the
Global Architect for the IBM CIO internal Tivoli Endpoint
Manager deployment providing compliance enforcement and
patching for workstations across the enterprise.
Toshiki Matsui is an IT Specialist for IBM Systems
Engineering (ISE) in IBM Japan. He has two years of
experience in the IT Service Management field and
specializes in Tivoli Automation products, such as Tivoli
Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management. He works on
consultation and technical support as a delivery support team
member and has considerable experience in providing
technical guides and product workshops to delivery
engineers. Before supporting Tivoli Endpoint Manager, he
worked with Tivoli Process Automation Engine products, such
as Tivoli Service Automation Manager.

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