Chapter 6. Phase I: Tivoli Endpoint Manager platform design and implementation 235
Figure 6-14 Download traffic comparison
The Taipei IT team defines the following scheduled Task, BES Client Setting:
Download Throttling. The team limits Tivoli Endpoint Manager download
bandwidth from 8 am and then disables the setting at 6 pm. This setting
minimizes the effect of patching traffic during the site operating hours.
236 Endpoint Security and Compliance Management Design Guide Using IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
6.3.3 Maintenance plan
Both the Tivoli Endpoint Manager database and Tivoli Endpoint Manager Server
need periodic maintenance to ensure that they run at peak performance. Daily
and weekly backups are also required as part of the disaster recovery plan.
Database maintenance
The required maintenance tasks for the Tivoli Endpoint Manager database do not
differ much from standard maintenance tasks for any other database server. For
Tivoli Endpoint Manager Server to run at peak performance, up-to-date database
indexing is important. Operators can shrink the database as part of the regular
maintenance tasks, but an index update is required after shrinking the database.
Tivoli Endpoint Manager Server maintenance
After extensive use of Tivoli Endpoint Manager, the system can experience
degraded performance due to various causes, for example, unreported endpoints
or abuse of Custom Sites and groups.
The overall policy grants only the IT team in the UK the privilege to create
Custom Sites and computer groups, so that Custom Sites and computer groups
can be controlled and managed centrally. Dedicated maintenance engineers are
responsible to check for open Actions, and stop these Actions when these
Actions are no longer needed. The maintenance engineers also run the BigFix
Computer Remover on a nightly basis. The maintenance engineers run the
BigFix Audit Trail Cleaner biweekly to clean up data in the Tivoli Endpoint
Manager database that is no longer needed. The following steps show a typical
sequential maintenance workflow:
1. Run the BigFix Computer Remover and BigFix Audit Trail Cleaner.
2. Shrink the database.
3. Update the database index.
Tivoli Endpoint Manager utilities: Tivoli Endpoint Manager utilities are
available for public download at the Tivoli Endpoint Manager wiki website:
Users must understand that the tools can cause serious impact on your Tivoli
Endpoint Manager system if misused. Follow the instructions carefully and
always back up your Tivoli Endpoint Manager database.

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