Chapter 5An Analysis of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency in Material Removal Processes

Tao Lu and I.S. Jawahir*

Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing (ISM), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA

*Corresponding author:


Energy consumption performance is a major sustainability element to achieve sustainable manufacturing. This chapter presents a summary of current state-of-the-art of energy consumption and energy efficiency studies in material removal processes, focusing on machining. It begins with a brief overview on the energy flows in a typical manufacturing plant, which involves three levels of details; namely, at plant level, workstation level and operation level. The focus here is on the operation level energy flow in material removal processes. A few recently introduced energy consumption assessment tools are presented. Then, a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and energy saving techniques are discussed, with application on turning, milling, drilling, and grinding operations. The energy flow in the process, process parameter optimization, and energy consumption modeling are some of the major topics discussed in this chapter for each material removal operation considered.

Keywords: Energy, manufacturing process, material removal, machine tool, process parameter

5.1 Overview

The discussion of energy consumption and its optimization in manufacturing can originate from a wide range of aspects, such as the comprehensive ...

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