The Editors

The Contributors

Chapter 1 Powering Microsystems with Ambient Energy

Gabriel Alfonso Rincón-Mora

Chapter 2 Low-Power Energy Harvesting Solutions for Biomedical Devices

Jordi Colomer-Farrarons, Pere Ll. Miribel-Català, E. Juanola-Feliu, and J. Samitier

Chapter 3 Energy Harvesting: Thermoelectric and Microsystems Perspectives and Opportunities and Opportunities

Terry J. Hendricks

Chapter 4 Thermopower Wave-Based Micro-and Nanoscale Energy Sources

Sumeet Walia and Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh

Chapter 5 Polymer Solar Cell: An Energy Source for Low-Power Consumption Electronics

Badr Omrane, Sasan V. Grayli, Vivien Lo, Clint Landrock, Siamack V. Grayli, Jeydmer Aristizabal, Yindar Chuo, and Bozena Kaminska

Chapter 6 Inverted ...

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