Chapter 3. The New Media University: Social Media 101

We are forever students of new media. While we learn through everything weread and practice, weshould never strivetomaster something that evolves much faster than our ability to fully grasp its lessons, benefits, insights, and pitfalls. In the process, we learn a bit more about ourselves and our true potential.

For those versed in social media and the tools that connect us to those we wish to reach, enjoy this chance to hit "ctrl-alt-del" and restart with a fresh perspective. For those new to the socialization of media and influence, please take your time here. This is where everything begins.

Social media is a great equalizer and we share the desire and necessity to establish authority in order to help those around us.


The future of today's marketing integrates traditional media with social media elements intended to impact and renovate each and every department within the organization, from service to marketing to PR, IR, and HR to sales and product development.

We're simply becoming aware of our markets, the people who define them, and our place within each community. It is mandatory and reviving a ritual of becoming socially adept.

While new media will always be "new," the principles that govern behavior, interaction, and support remain constant. They're simply interpreted differently, based on intentions, objectives, and varying levels of customer empathy or ignorance. Social media is the latest ...

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