Chapter 6. The New Media University: Social Media 203

In this chapter, we study social networks dedicated to multimedia and focused discussions, as well as the phenomenon of URL shorteners and their true value, along with discussing the social media press release and the Social Media Newsroom.


One of the most understated categories of social networks is also one of the most established. Online photo-sharing has evolved over the last decade and has effectively organized people around the viewing and interaction of the image, transforming pictures into social objects. Now social networks are uniting pictures and people to create communities for the sharing and discovery of relevant content that transcends the typical processes of uploading and publishing pictures to share with friends and family.

People are, right now, looking for pictures related to products, companies, and brands, interesting people, places, events, and anything else you can imagine, by using keywords within these photo networks to find, react, utilize, remix, share, and republish.

Some of the more successful companies are already sharing art and customer-focused, exclusive content in communities such as Flickr, Zooomr, Webshots, Photobucket, Facebook Photos, Animoto, or all of the above. Just to give you perspective, Flickr alone receives on average, 30 million unique visitors per month. Facebook, now technically the largest social network for photos, receives more than 1 billion new photos every month.

On the ...

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