Overcoming Common Obstacles

“Okay,” I can hear you thinking. “I understand why I should be doing Engagement Marketing. But let’s get real. One, I don’t have the time; and two, I already tried some of these things and they didn’t work.” When we talk to small business owners, these are two of the many objections we hear. In this chapter, we’ll cover how to overcome the most common obstacles that most small business owners encounter when implementing Engagement Marketing:

Obstacle 1: “Too many different things to learn. Changing too quickly. I give up!”

Obstacle 2: “I don’t have time.”

Obstacle 3: “I don’t like imposing on people.”

Obstacle 4: “How do I find content ideas and inspiration? I’m not a marketer.”

Obstacle 5: “I don’t want to post personal information.”

Obstacle 6: “My business is boring. Why would anyone follow us?”

Obstacle 7: “No one is reading my Facebook posts.”

The good news is that you can easily rev up your Engagement Marketing engine using tools and tactics that don’t take much time, special knowledge, or money.

Obstacle 1: “Too Many Different Things to Learn. Changing Too Quickly. I Give Up!”

We understand. You’re running your business, you have customers to serve, and you’re putting out fires. Technology is rapidly changing, and a new social media platform or tool seems to appear almost every day. On top of that, you’re a little overwhelmed by all the terms being bandied about: Likes, followers, Klout scores, retweets, +1s, status updates, DMs. ...

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