17In Sheep's Clothing

I CAN COUNT ON MADISON to be poised and prepared, Vicky told herself. I just hope I'm ready for her. I don't know for sure who's going behind my back to Michael, but Madison is a prime suspect.

Once again, Madison was on her feet and smiling enthusiastically as she raced to the door to welcome Vicky into her office.

“Thanks for coming over, Vicky. I've been looking forward to our meeting. There's so much we can do, and I'd love to share my thoughts.”

“Great. I'm eager to hear them, Madison.”

“I should start by offering congratulations, should I not? Good work!”

Vicky was puzzled. “Which work?”

“Oh, I know it's not public yet, but I understand that we'll be hearing about a change in sales leadership before too long.”

How, Vicky wondered, did Madison know so much about something Gene and Vicky had discussed less than a day earlier?

“The grapevine must be hard at work,” Vicky replied.

“We'll tell everyone Gene is pursuing other opportunities, of course,” said Madison amiably. “Actually, it should have happened sooner, but I don't blame you. I know some people who would be great candidates for Gene's job. I'll make sure they apply.”

“Thanks,” replied Vicky, even though “friend of Madison” was not at the top of her list of job qualifications. “We need really strong, experienced candidates. The job is so important.”

“Absolutely,” Madison agreed. “And this is a great opportunity to define the position in a way that improves coordination between sales and marketing.” ...

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