Engaging Doctors in the Health Care Revolution

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Fixing health care demands a radical transformation in how care is delivered. This transformation requires moving from a system organized around physicians to a team-based approach focused on patients. In the June 2014 Harvard Business Review, Drs. Toby Cosgrove (CEO, the Cleveland Clinic) and Thomas Lee (CMO, Press Ganey) focus on the centrality of doctors in this transformation. They assert: ""Any ambitious strategy that they [doctors] do not embrace is doomed."" Yet many doctors remain in denial, angry, and strongly resistant to change. Cosgrove and Lee argue, ""Winning physicians' support takes more than simple incentives."" In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Cosgrove and Lee share a framework for driving physician engagement. They describe the framework's motivational strategies, share examples where elements have been used in some of America's leading health systems, describe best practices, and explain how to get started.

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  • Title: Engaging Doctors in the Health Care Revolution
  • Author(s): Toby Cosgrove, Thomas Lee
  • Release date: June 2014
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
  • ISBN: None