Question Papers

Set – 1
I – B.Tech. Supplementary Examinations, Aug/Sep – 2008
(E.E.E, E.C.E, C.S.C, C.S.I.T, E.I.E, B.M.E, E.Con.E, C.S.S.E, E. Tele & E.Com.E)

Time: 3 hours

Max. Marks: 80

Note: Answer any FIVE questions             All questions carry equal marks

    1. Define coordination number and packing factor of a crystal.
    2. Describe BCC crystal structure, with a suitable example.
    3. Obtain an expression for the packing factor of FCC structure.         (4 + 6 + 6)
    1. Derive 3-dimensional, time independent Schrodinger wave equation for an electron.
    2. What is the physical significance of wave function?
    3. Deduce the expression for energy of an electron confined to a potential box of width ‘x’.     (6 + 4 + 6)
    1. Discuss with suitable ...

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