Solved Problems

1.     A solid elemental dielectric with 3 × 1028 atoms/m3 shows an electronic polarizability of 10−40 F-m2. Assuming the internal electric field to be a Lorentz field, calculate the dielectric constant of the material.


(Set-3–Sept. 2007), (Set-1–May 2004), (Set-4–Nov. 2004), (Set-1–May 2003)

Sol: Number density of dielectric atoms, N = 3 × 1028/m3

Electronic polarizability, αe = 10−40 F-m2

Calculate the dielectric constant, r = ?


2.     A parallel plate capacitor has an area of 100 cm2, a plate separation of 1 cm and is charged to a potential of 100 V. Calculate the capacitance of the capacitor and the charge on the plates ...

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