Engineering Practices for Continuous Delivery

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Releasing software to actual users can be a painful, risky, and time-consuming process. With this video workshop, experienced developers, testers, and operations engineers learn the principles and technical practices that enable rapid, incremental delivery of new, high-quality, valuable functionality to users.

This video from Neal Ford (and guest experts Tim Brown, Rachel Laycock, and Ryan Murray) demonstrates the engineering practices that allow you to get fast feedback on the production readiness of your application every time there is a change to the code, infrastructure, or configuration.

You’ll learn that, through automation of the build, deployment, and testing processes—and improved collaboration among developers, testers and operations engineers—delivery teams can get changes released in a matter of hours (sometimes even minutes), no matter how large or complex the project is.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to deployment pipelines
  • Deployment pipeline best practices with Cruise Go
  • Testing practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Trunk-based development
  • Incremental deployment strategies
  • Data management and migration
  • DevOps impact on all facets of a project
  • Continuous delivery for architects
  • Contract tests
  • Engineering practices for microservices
  • Metrics and monitoring
  • Details on setting up deployment pipelines
  • How continuous delivery works with Fan-in and Fan-out integration
  • How to ensure automated backwards compatibility among evolving services

Neal Ford is Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy. Proficient in a variety of languages, paradigms, and architectural styles, his primary consulting focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise applications.

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Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, and it is a fast-moving discipline where entire suites of "best practices" become obsolete practically overnight—yesterday’s best practice is tomorrow’s anti-pattern. No single path or curriculum exists; different types of architecture—application, integration, enterprise—require different subject emphasis. And yet, year after year, the job "software architect" places in the top ten of most Best Jobs surveys.

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  • Title: Engineering Practices for Continuous Delivery
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  • Release date: March 2015
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