List of Index ETFs and Futures
The tables provided in this appendix can be used as a starting point for selecting the underlying securities for a leveraged portfolio. The following listings identify the indexes and ETFs that have options available, and at the beginning of each list we highlight the most widely traded and well-known indexes.
Before selecting an index, be sure to track the pricing for a period of time and confirm that there is liquidity, both for the index or ETF overall, and for options at the specific strike prices and expiration dates that will be used in the strategy. Also, compare the implied volatility for at-the-money options on the security with the historical volatility and verify that the volatility premium is consistent.
More information can be found at the web sites for the exchanges, and at an excellent online resource provided by the Options Industry Council (, which also provides the original materials that were the starting points for this listing.
TABLE A.1 Index Options
TABLE A.2 ETF Options

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