Active investing:
definition of
reconciling with indexing
Allocation of assets:
covered call strategy and
leveraged portfolios and
Alternative asset classes:
including in portfolio
owning producer
American-style options:
debit spread
Annualized percentage return, calculating
Annual return backtests, covered call strategy
average, of index
bull call spreads and
converting annual to weekly
as delta
Appreciation, capturing:
with calendar call spreads
with LEAPS call options
with options
Asset management:
allocation of assets
alternative asset classes
index exposure and
long and short strategy combination
minimum investment sizes
objective and processes of
security selection
strategy selection
See also Security selection
Asymmetric payoff
At-the-money (ATM) call options:
description of
Greeks of
hedging costs of
Auto-exercising call options
Average annual return
calendar put spread strategy
covered call strategy
Balvers, Ronald
Bear put spreads:
correlated indexes using SIMTOOLS
correlated protected portfolios
description of
expected returns and hedging analysis
OTM, using LEAPS
Bid-ask spread
Black, Fischer
Black-Scholes option pricing model
Blending sectors in portfolios
Bogle, John
Book-to-Market metric
Break-even points for options
Bremer, M.
Brokerage accounts, margin loans and
Buffett, Warren
Bull call spreads:
appreciation and
description of
early exit from
staggered exit from
volatility skew and
Bull put spreads
Buy-and-hold ...

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