Portable Enhydra XMLC

Enhydra XMLC is a portable presentation technology. xmlc.enhydra.org is dedicated to spreading the use of Enhydra XMLC across every Java application server platform that supports standard servlet containers.

There are two key components to the portable Enhydra XMLC development kit. The first is the XMLC distribution that is downloadable from xmlc.enhydra.org and is available with this book's CD as well. The xmlc2.0.1 distribution contains the following three files in addition to an extensive set of JavaDoc user documentation:

  • ./bin/xmlc

  • ./lib/xmlc.jar

  • ./xmlc-config

xmlc is, of course, the XMLC command for compiling markup documents into DOM class templates. xmlc.jar is composed of the DOM, HTML, WML, and XMLC classes you will ...

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