© Scott E. Donaldson, Stanley G. Siegel, Chris K. Williams, Abdul Aslam 2018
Scott E. Donaldson, Stanley G. Siegel, Chris K. Williams and Abdul AslamEnterprise Cybersecurity Study Guidehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3258-3_12

12. Measuring a Cybersecurity Program

Scott E. Donaldson1 , Stanley G. Siegel2, Chris K. Williams3 and Abdul Aslam3
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Potomac, Maryland, USA
San Diego, California, USA


  • People often measure things because somebody—some edict or some policy—stipulates that things should be measured.

  • Unless measurement’s role is thought through, it can degenerate into a meaningless exercise.
    • Measuring lengths down to the nearest sixteenth of an inch with a ruler that contains only quarter-inch marks. ...

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