Enterprise Docker

Book description

IT professionals continue to sing the praises of Docker and other container technologies, but so far, most enterprises have only managed to put a toe in the water. Many companies use Docker only for staging and testing purposes with relatively little adoption within production environments. With this practical book, you’ll learn how your enterprise can fully leverage Docker and other container platforms in a systematic way.

Author and analyst Christopher Tozzi shows executives and DevOps personnel how to use containers and microservices more extensively and effectively than they do now. This book dives into Docker’s functionality and explores other types of container and microservices technologies (such as system containers and unikernels) that can help enterprises achieve next-generation efficiency in their IT operations.

  • Dive into Docker’s killer features and learn how this technology can complement or replace your existing infrastructure
  • Understand the differences between containers and virtual machines and learn when to use the former, the latter, or both in combination
  • Explore the types of companies that have adopted Docker successfully, and the migration challenges they’ve faced
  • Get a brief history of microservices and containerization to understand how containers arrived in the enterprise
  • Learn resources to help smooth your Docker migration—and pitfalls to avoid
  • Go beyond Docker to learn the entire landscape of application containers, system containers, and unikernels
  • Examine three key areas that the container ecosystem needs to develop to ensure containers’ lasting influence on the enterprise

Table of contents

  1. 1. Understanding Docker
    1. How Docker Containers Work
      1. Application Containers
      2. Creating, Running, Managing, and Monitoring Containers
    2. A Brief History of Docker
      1. From dotCloud to Docker, Inc.
      2. The Evolution of Docker Code
    3. Alternatives to Docker
    4. Summary
  2. 2. Why Docker Matters for an Enterprise
    1. Docker’s Killer Features
      1. Performance
      2. Easy Scalability
      3. Application Portability
      4. Environment Consistency
      5. Docker is Free and Open Source
    2. Docker and DevOps
    3. Docker and Virtual Machines
      1. Docker Adoption Challenges
      2. Performance: Virtual Machines Versus Containers
      3. Using Docker and Virtual Machines Together
    4. Summary
  3. 3. Who’s Using Docker, and for What?
    1. Docker Adoption Trends
    2. Docker Challenges for the Enterprise
    3. Enterprise Use of Docker: Some Examples
      1. ADP
      2. Spotify
    4. Summary
  4. 4. Docker Migration Guide
    1. Planning Your Migration
    2. Building Your Docker Stack
    3. Containers-as-a-Service
    4. Mistakes to Avoid: Docker Antipatterns
    5. Summary
  5. 5. Beyond Docker: System Containers and Unikernels
    1. System Containers
      1. Benefits of System Containers
      2. System Container Limitations
      3. System Container Platforms: LXD and OpenVZ
    2. Unikernels
    3. Summary
  6. 6. The Future of Enterprise Containers
    1. Security and Compliance
    2. Persistent Storage
    3. The Container Storage Dilemma
    4. True Platform Agnosticism
      1. Containers’ Holy Grail?
    5. Summary
  7. 7. A Brief History of Microservices and Containerization
    1. Microservices from the 1960s to Today
      1. Object-Oriented Programming
      2. Microkernels
      3. SOA
      4. Section Conclusion
    2. The History of Containers
      1. The Origins of Containers: chroot and FreeBSD Jails
      2. Solaris Containers
      3. OpenVZ
      4. LXC
    3. Conclusion: Docker Is an Established Technology

Product information

  • Title: Enterprise Docker
  • Author(s): Christopher Tozzi
  • Release date: June 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491977026