122 Part II Message Endpoints
Figure 5-11 Parallel processing in an orchestration.
In this section, you saw how BizTalk Server can connect with application end-
points. Limitless variations on the examples shown here exist. The concept of
separating business process from application activity and code is one of the key
ideas in EI. BizTalk Server offers a strong and compelling way to accomplish this.
Chapter Summary
Application endpoints are one of the newer concepts of EI. In addition, the
technologies and open standards that allow us to communicate easily with the
logic layers of systems are still relatively new, and they offer an exciting number
of options not available before. Furthermore, we can gain enormous benefits
from using these technologies and open standards effectively.
Although we have shown a handful of techniques in this chapter, applica-
tion endpoints can be created and exploited in many other ways.

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