37 The Standards as Critical Means of Integration of Advanced Maintenance Approaches to Production Systems

This paper focuses on a state of the art regarding standardization for integration of advanced maintenance approaches as predictive maintenance in production and logistics system with an application in the UPTIME project. It positions the different levels of predictive maintenance regarding a larger context of industrial standards recently developed or in the making. A discussion gives a first exploration of the standardization issues at stake to offer the best guarantees of success of deployment of new predictive maintenance platforms on the market.

37.1. Introduction

Predictive maintenance is an additional means to improve the performance and the safety of complex production systems. Maintenance activities being planned and scheduled more accurately, the predictive maintenance process will bring substantial benefits. A set of standards has been recently developed and implementation means compliant with the standards are available. Beyond the impact of standards on the internal components of a predictive maintenance platform, the integration of these means in an overall production information system is the goal of the UPTIME [1] project in order to leverage the outcome of predictive maintenance methods and tools.

Section 37.2 gives a big picture of the standards of interest regarding industrial data for predictive maintenance.

Section 37.3 presents the results of a ...

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