48 Circular Engineering and Product-Service Systems in the Machine Tool Sector: the PSYMBIOSYS Approach

48.1. Introduction

By 2020, the value chains of the manufacturing sector will be organized in symbiotic forms of collaboration in which, thanks to the adoption of intelligent technologies of advanced manufacturing, the barriers to adopt the next generation of sustainable product-service system (SPSS) will be considerably reduced. However, there are a lot of gaps and lack of knowledge in relation to these new concepts and a need to develop integrated IT frameworks and methodologies to operate an integrated product and service lifecycle. In this sense, PSYMBIOSYS is a project funded by the European Commission within the area of the Factory of the Future, whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry through the development of an innovative environment of product-service engineering, that allows the reduction of the time-to-market of sustainable product-service solutions considerably. The project is based on comprehensive and unified collaboration across the dichotomies identified in the design environment of products and services, such as design-manufacturing, product-service, knowledge-feeling, true-digital world and business-innovation. In this sense, NECO and the Innovalia Association, with other companies, participate in this ambitious project through the development and application of this business model that supports the product-service ...

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