55 Shop Floor Management Systems in Case of Increasing Process Variation

55.1. Introduction and shop-floor management

Most of the German production companies use shop floor management systems, which are built on holistic production systems. The standardization of processes helps to recognize deviations of performance indicators to identify problems and inefficiencies. However, latest developments illustrate that companies use higher modularization in their production systems to face the increasing complexity through the individualization of products. The resulting transition of the underlying production system towards more process variation counteract the focus on one standardized process and a clear holistic process view. According to this, a new generation of performance boards have to provide new methods and services to prepare data of the changed complex production environment in a more efficient way to support the daily shop floor meeting with well-selected analyses and overviews.

Holistic production systems were developed on single lean methods to get a global process optimisation instead of just a local implementation of single tools. To stabilize and improve these processes a new leadership and improvement culture was necessary [NYH 13]. With an implementation quote of 90% in manufacturing companies in Germany, holistic production systems are industry standard [DOM 17]. Many big companies and costumers of Fraunhofer IPK use the mentioned shop floor management in their ...

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