Chapter 8. Ignite | IoT Solution Delivery

Ignite | IoT Solution Delivery is the part of the Ignite | IoT Methodology aimed at IoT product managers, project managers, solution architects, and other IoT stakeholders. The goal is to make IoT best practice available in the form of a technology-independent, reusable, open source methodology that supports IoT solution design as well as IoT project setup and management by providing project templates, checklists, and solution architecture blueprints.

A key characteristic of IoT projects is that they tend to combine multiple, very different disciplines within a single project that incorporates product design and manufacturing, embedded hardware and software, local and remote communication, enterprise application development and integration, cross-domain security, and more. (Figure 8-1).

Take, for example, the eCall solution presented in Part I. From an asset perspective, this is only a tiny part of the hugely complex bill of material (BOM) of a modern car. Nevertheless, from the eCall project manager’s perspective, it is important that they manage the asset interface and ensure that on-asset components are properly integrated, which means finding the right place to install the eCall telematics control unit (TCU) in the car, incorporating the TCU into both the BOM and the manufacturing process, and so on. The TCU and its software represent a traditional embedded project, with very specific skills required for development and testing. Integrating ...

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