Appendix C. EJB Vendors

This appendix lists vendors of EJB servers. It includes all the vendors of which we’re aware as of publication. However, with the number of vendors that already provide servers, and the number that are introducing new products daily, the list is obviously incomplete. Furthermore, we have made no attempt to distinguish EJB 1.1 servers from 1.0 servers; most (if not all) of the 1.0 vendors should be migrating to 1.1 over the next year. We will try to maintain a more up-to-date list on the book’s web site,

Commercial Products

Table C-1. Commercial EJB Servers

Company Name

Company URL

EJB Server Name

BEA Systems

BEA WebLogic Server

BEA WebLogic Enterprise

Bluestone Software


BROKAT Infosystems

BROKAT Twister

Fujitsu Software


Gemstone Systems


Haht Software

HAHTsite Application Server


WebSphere Application Server

Information Builders

Parlay Application Server


Inprise Application Server

Iona Technologies

Orbix Enterprise

Netscape Communications

Netscape Application Server

Novera Software



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