Enterprise Knowledge Portals

Book description

Far beyond simple data archives and streamlined access, enterprise knowledge portals represent the future of corporate information management. Seamlessly interweaving three essential principles -- people, content, and technology -- an effective portal is the ultimate roadmap to every conceivable permutation of the components in a business’s landscape. This prescient, authoritative book is a vital reference for anyone concerned with harvesting, creating, distributing, or analyzing company information. HR executives and IT professionals will learn not only how to create the atlas to their company’s universe but also how to define and assign the roles and responsibilities that will ensure long-term efficacy and relevance. Companies will have the ability to: * Build technology around knowledge requirements, not the other way around * Customize desktop access around individual requirements and workstyles * Make better decisions as a result of quick access to crucial information * Maximize speed, efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of knowledge transfer.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half title
  3. Title
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: Enterprise Knowledge Portal Definition
    1. Chapter 1: What You Need to Know About Knowledge Management
      1. Be Organized Around Work Processes
      2. Maintain Knowledge and Facilitate Communication
      3. Focus on the Future
      4. Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives
      5. Promote Innovations
      6. Maintain a Knowledge-Creating Organization
      7. Key Points
    2. Chapter 2: Enterprise Portals Overview
      1. Enterprise Portals for Your Knowledge Management Objectives
      2. Types of Enterprise Portals
      3. User Communities
      4. Enterprise Portal Services
      5. Enterprise Portal Functionality
      6. Enterprise Portal Integration Features
      7. Key Points
    3. Chapter 3: Create Your Enterprise Knowledge Portal
      1. MyCompany Case Study Introduction
      2. Enterprise Portal Market Overview
      3. Document Your Knowledge Management Objectives
      4. Enterprise Knowledge Portal IT–Enabling Framework
      5. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Map
      6. Key Points
  8. Part II: The Enterprise Knowledge Portal Program
    1. Chapter 4: Outline the Enterprise Knowledge Portal Program
      1. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Value Proposition
      2. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Program Charter
      3. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Requirements
      4. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Strategy
      5. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Architecture and Infrastructure
      6. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Program Plan
      7. Executive Approval
      8. Key Points
    2. Chapter 5: The Enterprise Knowledge Portal Organization
      1. Process and Governance
      2. Culture and Behavior
      3. Key Points
  9. Part III: The Enterprise Knowledge Portal Projects
    1. Chapter 6: The Enterprise Knowledge Portal Methodology
      1. MyCompany Case Study Introduction
      2. Business Objects
      3. Content Elements
      4. Business Object Context
      5. Storyboards and Scripts
      6. Key Points
    2. Chapter 7: Financial Metrics
      1. Human Resources Information
      2. Labor Savings
      3. Cost Savings
      4. Revenue
      5. Project Costs
      6. Return on Investment
      7. Key Points
  10. Part IV: The Enterprise Knowledge Portal Infrastructure and Environment
    1. Chapter 8: Enterprise Knowledge Portal Technical Architecture
      1. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Information Technology Environment
      2. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Information Technology Staff
      3. Key Points
    2. Chapter 9: Support and Competency Center Services
      1. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Support and Competency Center Services
      2. Enterprise Knowledge Portal Support and Competency Center Staff
      3. Key Points
  11. Part V: Appendixes
    1. Appendix A: Knowledge Management Resources
    2. Appendix B: Enterprise Knowledge Portal Resources
    3. Appendix C: Recommended Reading
  12. Bibliography
  13. Index
  14. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Enterprise Knowledge Portals
  • Author(s): Heidi Collins
  • Release date: March 2003
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814413159