Chapter 9Brief Overview of the Potential Integration of EROM with Other Strategic Assessment Activities

Many TRIO enterprises form separate, interorganizational teams to evaluate progress and recommend changes in a variety of areas, including: (1) technical capabilities and the associated distribution of assets, (2) implementation of strategies for fulfilling the mission of the enterprise, and (3) cross-organizational execution and integration of programs, projects, activities, and initiatives. We refer to these enterprise-level teams, respectively, as technical capability assessment (TCA) teams, strategic assessment review (SAR) teams, and portfolio performance review (PPR) teams, although different organizations may have different terms. The question may arise whether the formation and implementation of an integrated set of EROM teams operating more-or-less in parallel with these other teams facilitates and enhances the important work of the TCA, SAR, and PPR teams or merely duplicates it. The short answer is that the integrated EROM team provides a key service to these other teams by introducing risks and opportunities into the overall discussion and rigorously accounting for them in the assessment and review processes. This chapter elaborates briefly on how the interaction between EROM and the other interorganizational teams works.

9.1 Technical Capability Assessment (TCA)

TCA teams are empaneled to examine the alignment of the TRIO enterprise's technical capabilities with ...

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