Enterprise Software Delivery: Bringing Agility and Efficiency to the Global Software Supply Chain

Book description

Globalization, rapid technology churn, and massive economic shifts have made it more difficult than ever to deliver high-value enterprise software.

In Enterprise Software Delivery, IBM Distinguished Engineer Alan W. Brown guides decision-makers in understanding these new challenges, choosing today’s best solutions, and successfully anticipating future trends.

Alan presents detailed, actionable techniques for building software supply chains that improve agility and innovation while responding to growing cost pressure. Using real-world case studies, he introduces the modern global software factory, demonstrating how to integrate and leverage global outsourced teams, collaborative application lifecycle management, and cloud-based virtual infrastructures.

Drawing on his extensive experience leading IBM Rational software strategy, and consulting with IBM enterprise customers, Alan illuminates everything from software R&D to metrics. Coverage includes

  • Understanding recent dramatic changes in enterprise software delivery requirements and practices

  • Overcoming false assumptions, outdated data and delivery models, and inexperience with strategy, innovation, education, or research

  • Incorporating integrators and partners in centers of excellence that specialize in delivering business value

  • Establishing team-based practices that encourage agility, scalability, and quality

  • Building adaptive software factories that integrate real-time feedback and respond rapidly to change

  • Using virtualized collaborative infrastructure to connect worldwide teams for developing software, assembling solutions, and delivering results

  • Transcending barriers related to geography, organization, skills, and culture

  • If you’re an enterprise software leader, strategist, or practitioner, this book can help you improve every facet of performance you care about, including agility, quality, predictability, innovation, and value.

    Product information

    • Title: Enterprise Software Delivery: Bringing Agility and Efficiency to the Global Software Supply Chain
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2012
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 9780132851503