1.8 Responding to Customer Needs
Figure 9. Responding to Customer Needs
Key Points
IBM has been and continues to be a world leader in providing security products,
solutions and services.
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Security features have been present in IBM hardware and software products for
more than two decades. During that time, there have been many firsts, including
hardware integrity, the data encryption algorithm, and operating system integrity.
With the announcements over the last several years, IBM has continued to
re-enforce and strengthen its commitment to security and responding to
customer needs.
The following list shows some of the more significant security announcements
made in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, and early 1995:
IBM Security Structure
Transaction Security System
Anti-virus Measures and Tools
Security Consulting Services
Chapter 1. Enterprise-Wide Security Architecture and Solutions 19
Multi-Level Security for IBM MVS/ESA
RACF 1.9
IBM Systems Security
Security and SAA
IBM Networking Overview
NetView Access Services
IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture
Integrated Cryptographic Feature and Service Facility
Secure Workstation Solutions
Transaction Security System for OS/2
Distributed Database Security
Additional Anti-Virus Measures and Tools
IBM MVS/ESA JES2 and JES3 Security System Packages
OS/400 1.3 with System Integrity
VM/ESA System Integrity
IBM ES/9000 Processors
IBM Systems Security Enhancements
Commitment to the Open Enterprise
Secure Distributed Computing Statements of Direction
Security Management with SystemView
AIX/6000 3.1.5
OS/400 2.1
New IBM ES/9000 ICRF and PR/SM enhancements
VM/ESA enhancements
VTAM 3.4 for MVS Enhancements
NetWare Network Computing Products
8250 Multi-Protocol Intelligent Hub
DFDSM Distributed Storage Manager for MVS and VM
AIX/6000 DCE Security Server
ALERT from Legent for VSE Security
PS/2 models 56, 57, UltiMedia M57, and UltiMedia DV-M57
announce Hardware Integrity features
New security features for Transaction Security System (TSS)
including Public Key cryptographic support
TCP/IP Version 2 Release 2 for MVS
AIX Version 3.2.2 for RISC System/6000
RACF Version 1.9.2 enhanced security features
VM/ESA planned support for DoD C2 and B1
DataHub family of products for SystemView Information
IBM AntiVirus for DOS, Windows and OS/2 Version 1.0 announced
IBM Network Security Program V1R1 Secured Logon Coordinator
VM/ESA DCE Statement of Direction
AS/400 V2 R3 Security Support “Designed to Meet”C2 with
enhanced auditing, resource security and System Integrity
IBM Network Security Processor MVS Support Program Release
20 Security P-Guide
Commercial Data Masking Facility Algorithm for 4753/4755
Distributed Key Management System
IBM Network Signon Coordinator/2 Version 1.1
IBM AIX Distributed Computing Environment Product Family
Version 1.2
IBM Distributed Computing Environment for OS/2 and Windows
V1.0 Toolkit including security
IBM AntiVirus for DOS, Windows and OS/2 Version 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
IBM AntiVirus for Netware announced
RACF Version 2 Release 1
IBM Distributed Security Manager for MVS
IBM MVS/ESA SP 5.1 and Open Edition Enhancements with
security client support
IBM Distributed Computing Environment Base Services/400
Version 3 security client function
IBM OpenEdition Distributed Computing Environment for MVS/ESA
application security support for CICS and IMS
IBM OpenEdition Distributed Computing Environment for VM/ESA
IBM Distributed Computing Environment Client for Windows
Version 1.0
IBM DCE 1.3 for AIX 3.2.5 with exportable data masking
IBM Distributed Computing Environment Base Services/400
Version 3 with security client function
IBM OS/2 LAN Server Version 4.0
IBM NetSP Secured Network Gateway for Internet Firewall
IBM Network Security Program V1R2 Secured Logon Coordinator
IBM 4753 Network Security Processor Model 014
IBM AntiVirus for DOS, Windows and OS/2 Version 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.0
IBM AntiVirus for Netware Version 1.6, 1.7, 2.0
Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility/MVS Release 2
DFSMS 1.2 NFS Server R3 security enhancements
RACF DCE Security Support Statement of Direction
RACF 2.2 and the Remote Sharing Facility
OS/400 C2 Evaluation
PR/SM ITSEC E4 Certification
I/T Internet Security Announcement
Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway V2R1
MVS/ESA 5.2.2 DCE Security Server Statement of Direction
Upgrade to OSF DCE Version 1.1 functionality
DCE Security Server for MVS
Interoperability between RACF and DCE security
For further information concerning these announcements and products, please
contact your IBM marketing representative.
Chapter 1. Enterprise-Wide Security Architecture and Solutions 21

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