7. Focus on Solutions

Diop, Zero...

It was my first time in Rome. My tour of Vatican City had just ended. As I stepped out of the square, a young man closed in with a grin.

“This is an original Louis Vuitton bag. I will give it to you for 200 euros!” The look on my face was unequivocal. “Okay! Because you are my brother, give me 100 euros only!” Diop pronounced my wife needed a Louis Vuitton handbag—a fake one at that. The only detail to square away was price.

Senegalese traders are very persistent. In less than two minutes, Diop gave me a litany of reasons why my wife needed the bag. When he realized I was not yet married, Diop decided my sister needed the bag even more. Within five minutes, a mob of traders was fighting to offer me the exact ...

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