13. Societal Innovations Through Mindset Change

Turning Back the Hands of Time

Since returning from Accra to the village to visit, Koffi felt he had turned back the hands of time. His oldest brother Atta Kwesi said, “I am thinking of taking a second wife. I need more children to nurse me in my old age!”

Despite framing the discussion as a choice under consideration, Koffi knew Atta Kwesi had made his decision. Koffi did not know how to respond. Respect was an important value in the Akan tradition. As the eldest brother, Atta Kwesi had supported Koffi throughout his studies.

Now the tables were turned. As the one with a job in Accra, Koffi sent money to the village each month to support the ever-growing family. Crops were failing for lack of ...

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