Entrepreneurial Strategic Management

Book description

This managerial book goes beyond the traditional
thoughts on this subject. It brings you a challenging dimension:
Create an entrepreneurial organization and you
will exceed in the realization of your goals and objectives.
The entrepreneurial organization thrives on developing
innovation, customer retention, productivity, and growth.
Your role and that of other managers has changed dramatically
in the last decade because two powerful new forces
have joined in the environment. A new social awareness
and demographic shift in the work force coupled with a
shrinking of markets in a technological and global landscape
demands new ways of planning, organizing, and
directing organizations. ESM argues the need for implementation
as the force majeure in fulfilling strategic plans
and the engagement of the whole organization in strategic
management to achieve organizational goals.
Inside, you’ll be introduced to a new approach to understanding
the economic marketplace in four quadrants
or fields where each determines what strategic responses
are needed to thrive in those fields and which direction
the organization is to go if it is to survive and grow. This
book lays out the cycle of corporate products and services
from profitable innovation to decline and failure and offers
the executive a road map to renovate and build the

Product information

  • Title: Entrepreneurial Strategic Management
  • Author(s): Ken R. Blawatt
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606498675