Chapter 7

Designing Solutions for a New Marketplace


Bullet Finding new product/service solutions

Bullet Developing products like an entrepreneur

Bullet Building a minimal viable product

Bullet Writing a product plan — in a minute flat!

Remember the scene in the movie Superman where Lois Lane is falling off a building, and Superman swoops in to catch her mid-air, saying, “I’ve got you,” and she responds in a panic, “But who’s got you?” Sometimes you just have to go for it.

That’s pretty good advice for an entrepreneur on the trail of a new product or service in today’s rapid-paced business environment — seize an opportunity in the moment and then make up the rules as you go. Practically everything that used to be considered gospel on the topic of designing new products and services is in the trash can today, thanks to advances in technology and a distribution channel called the Internet.

Yet, some things remain constant: It still costs a lot of money to design and build a working model (a prototype) of a new product. The new product’s design and functionality have to meet or exceed the user’s ...

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