Chapter 12


* Extracted from J.R. McNeill, 2000, Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth-Century World, Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, London, pp. 219–27.

1. Italian crop breeders also enjoyed early success, using Japanese varieties from 1912: by l932 a quarter of Italian wheat—Mostly in the north—was early-ripening breeds derived from crosses with Japanese wheat. These Italian wheats by the 1970s were in wide use in the Mediterranean world. (Dalrymple 1974: 10–11)

2. In a double-cross, four varieties are combined in two ‘generations,’ selecting for the most desirable characteristics.

3. Wallace (1888–1965) was a farmer, publisher of an agricultural journal and son of Warren Harding's Secretary of Agriculture. ...

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