Appendix A. Setting Up a Development Environment

At some point you’re going to need to set up a local or server copy of Enyo, if only to package up the applications you’ve developed. We’ll cover a few methods of setting up Enyo and discuss the prerequisites for each.


There are a couple of tools that Enyo makes use of that, depending on your needs, will be required. These tools include Node.js and Git. We’ll cover why you’ll need those and where to get them.


Node.js is a platform for running JavaScript outside of a browser. It can be used as a general purpose scripting language. Node is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Visit the Node.js download page to download the appropriate version of Node for your system.


Git is a distributed source-code management tool. It allows for software developers to keep revisioned copies of their source code. It is also the tool the Enyo team uses for Enyo development and the tool required to work with GitHub, an online source code repository that hosts the Enyo source.

Git is not required to use the basic parts of Enyo. ...

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