Academy Awards, 95

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 95

accountability, building in

gender bias example, 53–54

hiring/advancement bias example, 90–91

racial bias example, 68, 75

retribution bias example, 126, 131

tech and recruiting example, 35

advancement. See hiring/advancement bias

Affirmative Action, 16

African Americans. See also black Americans

crime rates and, 105

criminalization/incarceration of, 109, 112, 115

in criminal justice system, 56

employment and, 123–124

executive experience example, 62

in film/television, 95–96

hiring discrimination example, 88

housing discrimination example, 79

intersectionality and, 48

as population group, 16

racialized obstacles of, 59

as restaurant customers, 99

retribution bias and,

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