Part IV. Product Management Process

The best solutions are linked to real problems that users want solved. Product managers use a process to identify which of those problems the team can solve to further the business and achieve the strategy. Product managers can rely on the Product Kata to help them develop the right experimental mindset to fall in love with the problem rather than the solution. They continue iterating until they reach the outcome.

“Maybe we just need to offer a free account version, where people can try it before they buy it.”

“No, I think we need to offer heavy discounts and we can get people to sign up for a few months.”

“It’s really just the quality of the teachers we have on our site. If we had bigger name teachers, we would get more students in.”

We were in a heated debate at Marquetly about what could possibly drive more revenue from individual users. The team’s strategic intent was to increase revenue from users. Everyone had an idea, and many of them were intriguing. Each idea could have been the right solution for a particular problem—except that we didn’t understand what the problem was. Where were we experiencing issues? How could we drive more revenue? These were the things we needed to know more about.

“Wait!” I interjected. “Let’s all take a step back and break down what we do know. Our goal is to increase revenue from individual users. I ...

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