ESP8266 Robotics Projects

Book description

Build simple yet amazing robotics projects using ESP8266

About This Book

  • Get familiar with ESP8266 and its features.
  • Build Wi-FI controlled robots using ESP8266
  • A project based book that will use the ESP8266 board and some of its popular variations to build robots.

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at enthusiasts who are interested in developing low-cost robotics projects using ESP8266. A basic knowledge of programming will be useful but everything you need to know is are covered in the book.

What You Will Learn

  • Build a basic robot with the original ESP8266, Arduino UNO, and a motor driver board.
  • Make a Mini Round Robot with ESP8266 HUZZAH
  • Modify your Mini Round Robot by integrating encoders with motors
  • Use the Zumo chassis kit to build a line-following robot by connecting line sensors
  • Control your Romi Robot with Wiimote
  • Build a Mini Robot Rover chassis with a gripper and control it through Wi-Fi
  • Make a robot that can take pictures

In Detail

The ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is a self-contained SOC with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack and can give any microcontroller access to your Wi-Fi network. It has a powerful processing and storage capability and also supports application hosting and Wi-Fi networking.

This book is all about robotics projects based on the original ESP8266 microcontroller board and some variants of ESP8266 boards. It starts by showing all the necessary things that you need to build your development environment with basic hardware and software components. The book uses the original ESP8266 board and some variants such as the Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 and the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH ESP8266 . You will learn how to use different type of chassis kits, motors, motor drivers, power supplies, distribution boards, sensors, and actuators to build robotics projects that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. In addition, you will learn how to use line sensors, the ArduiCam, Wii Remote, wheel encoders, and the Gripper kit to build more specialized robots.

By the end of this book, you will have built a Wi-Fi control robot using ESP8266.

Style and approach

A project-based guide that will help you build exciting robotics using ESP8266.

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. What this book covers
    2. What you need for this book
    3. Who this book is for
    4. Conventions
    5. Reader feedback
    6. Customer support
      1. Downloading the example code
      2. Downloading the color images of this book
      3. Errata
      4. Piracy
      5. Questions
  2. Getting Ready
    1. ESP8266EX
      1. ESP-01
      2. Board features and connections
      3. Connections
    2. Connecting with a breadboard
      1. Power supply
      2. Connecting through USB for flashing
      3. Using a serial terminal program
      4. AT commands
      5. Using AT commands
    3. Using the Arduino IDE
      1. Installing the Arduino core for an ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip
      2. Hello world
        1. Listing 1-1 – Blink a LED
    4. Using chassis kits and accessories to build robots
      1. Mini 3-Layer Round Robot Chassis Kit
      2. Zumo chassis kit
      3. Romi chassis kit
      4. Mini robot rover chassis kit
      5. Rover 5 robot platform
      6. Wheel encoder kit
      7. Parallel Gripper Kit A - Channel mount
    5. Summary
  3. Building a Mini Round Robot with Original ESP8266
    1. Things you will need
    2. Assembling the Mini 3-Layer Round Robot chassis kit
      1. Assembling the wheels
      2. Assembling the chassis
      3. Attaching 9V battery box to the chassis layer
      4. Connecting the middle chassis
      5. Attaching 4 x AA battery box to the chassis layer
      6. Mounting the Arduino board
    3. Wiring them together
      1. Connecting the Arduino with motor driver
      2. Connecting the motors with the motor driver
      3. Connecting the ESP01 with Arduino
    4. Writing sketches
    5. Using Blynk
      1. Installing the Blynk library for Arduino
      2. Writing the Arduino sketch
        1. Working with the Blynk Sketch Code Builder
          1. Listing 2-1 – Example code generated with the Blynk Sketch Code Builder
          2. Listing 2-2 – complete sketch for mini round robot
    6. Uploading the sketch
    7. Applying power
    8. Playing the robot
    9. Summary
  4. Using Encoders
    1. Things you will need
    2. The Wheel Encoder Kit
    3. Connecting the encoders with motors
    4. Wiring the encoders with Arduino
    5. Reading encoders
      1. Creating a Blynk app
      2. Writing an Arduino sketch
        1. Listing 3-1 – Displaying average of the pulses generated by the two wheel encoders (the hall-effect sensors)
      3. Calculating the distance traveled
      4. Calculating the average speed
        1. Listing 3-3 – Calculating and displaying the average speed
    6. Playing the 3-Layer Mini Round Robot
    7. Summary
  5. Building a Mini Round Robot with the Feather HUZZAH ESP8266
    1. Things you will need
    2. What is Feather HUZZAH ESP8266?
    3. The DC Motor + Stepper FeatherWing
      1. Downloading the Adafruit Motor Shield V2 library
    4. Assembling the robot
    5. Creating a Blynk app
    6. Writing the Arduino UNO sketch
      1. Listing 4-1 – Arduino sketch for controlling the Mini Round Robot
    7. Testing the robot
    8. Summary
  6. Line-Following Zumo Robot
    1. Things you will need
    2. Assembling the Zumo chassis Kit
      1. Attaching the Feather Doubler
    3. Building a line-following course
    4. Writing Arduino sketch
      1. Listing 5-1 – Arduino sketch for line-following
      2. Uploading the sketch
      3. Playing with your robot
    5. Summary
  7. Building an ESP8266 Robot Controller
    1. Things you will need
    2. Building the Romi Robot
      1. Ball casters
      2. Battery contacts
      3. Motors
      4. Wheels
      5. The battery compartment and power distribution
      6. Attaching the FeatherWing Doubler
    3. Building the Robot Controller
    4. Software
      1. Arduino sketch for the Robot Controller
      2. Coding the Romi Robot
        1. Listing 6-2 – Arduino sketch for the Robot
    5. Play it
    6. Summary
  8. Building a Gripper Robot
    1. Things you will need
    2. Mini Robot Rover chassis kit
      1. Assembling the chassis
      2. Assembling the Gripper Kit
    3. Connecting the gripper to the chassis
      1. Assembling electronics
    4. Controlling the gripper with Blynk
      1. Creating the Blynk app
      2. Software
      3. Testing the gripper
    5. Summary
  9. Photo Rover Robot
    1. Things you will need
    2. Rover 5 chassis
    3. Connecting the electronics
      1. Wiring the ArduCAM with the Feather HUZZAH ESP8266
    4. Software
      1. Arduino libraries
    5. Summary

Product information

  • Title: ESP8266 Robotics Projects
  • Author(s): Pradeeka Seneviratne
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788474610