Assembling the Gripper Kit

The Parallel Gripper Kit (Figure 7.2) comes with all the hardware you need to assemble the gripper:

Figure 7.2: Parallel Gripper Kit A - Channel Mount. Image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics (

The following instructions will guide you on how to assemble the Parallel Gripper Kit with the standard Hitec HS-422 servo:

  1. You will need the following tools to assemble the Parallel Gripper Kit with servo:
    • Phillips-head screwdriver
    • Pliers
  2. Take the following things out from the Gripper Kit:
    • ABS plate
    • Two acetal spacers
    • Four 7/16 x 6-32" pan head screws
  3. Take the Hitec HS-422 servo (Figure 7.3 ...

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