Now let’s turn to the legs. In the Perspective viewport, grab
the two bottom edges that are in the hip area.
Shift-drag these downward until you reach the knee.
Organic Modeling Exercise: Roughing Out a Character 253
Figure 11-20
Figure 11-21:
The start of the
Go back and add enough edge loops to give it the proper form
in the Front view. Return to the Side view and make sure the
new edges line up with the leg there too.
In the crotch area, grab the edge where the leg would connect
to the pelvis. Again, Shift-drag this edge down to the knee,
adding the same number of edge loops you added to the other
side of the leg. This will allow us to keep a nice even edge
loop around the entire leg later.
254 Chapter 11
Figure 11-22:
New edge
loops to round
out the outside
of the leg
Figure 11-23:
The inner leg
with a matching
number of edge
Select the edges that make up the front border of each side of
the legs that we’ve created. Click Bridge and you’ll see Max
create polygons between the edges that we had selected!
Select the newly created horizontal edge loops and use Con-
nect on them. Drag this edge forward to round out the front of
the leg.
Organic Modeling Exercise: Roughing Out a Character 255
Figure 11-24: Left, the borders selected; right, after the
Bridge operation
Figure 11-25:
The rounded
front of the leg
Select the edges that make up the back border of the sides of
the leg strips we have created and repeat the Bridge and Con-
nect operations. Pull this new edge out to round out the back
of the leg also.
Use the Chamfer tool on this edge to split it into two and
round out the back of the leg a little more.
Using the Border sub-object selection method, select the hole
that is separating the upper leg from the buttock section. Con-
vert this selection to edges and click the Weld dialog box
256 Chapter 11
Figure 11-26:
The rounded
back of the leg
Figure 11-27
button. Scrub the value up until the two sections weld to each
Here comes the easy part! Select the open border that is
around the knee area. Shift-drag this down to the ankle and
scale it down in size to match the reference. Remember to
check your Front and Side views!
Organic Modeling Exercise: Roughing Out a Character 257
Figure 11-28:
The completed
buttocks region
Figure 11-29:
The start of the
lower legs

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