To create the head, select the polygon that makes up the area
where the neck would be and delete it. Now select the three
edges that are left and Shift-drag them upward until you have
the length you want. Add another edge loop in the middle and
move this inward to round it out.
Here’s a little trick to creating a base head shape. Create a box
that’s about the size of the head. Apply a TurboSmooth modi-
fier and set its iterations to 1. This will give the box a round
shape that we can easily tweak. Next, tweak the vertices until
you get the base shape of a head.
Organic Modeling Exercise: Roughing Out a Character 269
Figure 11-52:
The modified
neck area
Figure 11-53:
Basic head shape
Delete the bottom faces of the head where the neck would
connect. Also delete the right half of the head. Select the left
half of the body and attach the left half of the head. Weld the
neck to the bottom of the head. Feel free to add a couple of
edge loops around the head and round out the head a little
That’s the basic shape of the head.
270 Chapter 11
Figure 11-54: The
final basic head

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