You can use the Remove tool in Vertex and Edge modes. If
you remove an edge, the vertices will remain! You have to
manually switch to Vertex sub-object mode and remove
the remaining vertices.
The Chamfer tool is great for rounding out a harsh edge or
creating two edge loops where you only have one. I find this
tool great to make a pinch in a high-polygon sub-d model even
though that’s not its original purpose.
Start off by creating a box and making it an Editable Poly
object. Pick any edge and use the Chamfer tool on it. See how
it kind of rounds off and flattens at the end? Max auto-selects
the two new edges for you so if you chamfer these again you
get an even more round edge.
You can use the dialog box button here to control your cham-
fer numerically. There is also a check box to keep from
creating a new face and keep your new edges open.
Modeling 101 87
Figure 3-21: A nicely chamfered edge on a

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