Archiving Options

One of Movable Type’s greatest strengths is the number of different archiving options it offers. When you post an entry to your blog, it generally appears both on the front page of your site (your index), as well as on any archive pages you have designated. For example, if your site has an archive of all your entries by month any new entry that you post is added to the archive for the newest month, automatically. The system takes care of all the work of creating the archive files and filling them with the correct data.

Movable Type allows you to archive your entries by day, week, and/or month, by category and by individual entry. This last option means that each entry that you post has a page dedicated to displaying only that entry in the archives. This works well for sites with long entries or article-based sites, in particular.

Archiving by Category

Category archives are a flexible way to manage your archives. Because categories can represent any sort of structure you wish to impose, your category archives can be used to emulate that structure on your public web site. This allows Movable Type to act as more than just a blogging tool; for example, it can be used to manage:

  • A news site, where categories might be standard newspaper sections (Local News, Politics, Entertainment & Media)

  • A movie review site, where categories might be genre names (Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama)

  • A magazine, where categories might be column names (Question & Answer, Letters to the Editor, ...

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