Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains some questions that are frequently asked in terms of general policy configuration. Specific features have their own subsections. The FAQs are numbered so the text can refer to them more easily.

4.1. Which Files Make Up My Security Policy?

The user-defined part of the security policy lives in $FWDIR/conf. Specifically, these files include the ones listed below.

  • objects_5_0.C: All network objects, services, and rulebase properties are stored in this file.

  • fwauth.NDB*: This is the user database file, which also stores the encryption keys used for the VPN features of FireWall-1.

  • rulebases_5_0.fws: This file contains all security policies for FireWall-1 and VPN-1.

  • slprulebases_5_0.fws: This file contains ...

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