Macintosh Clients

There are three clients available specifically for the Macintosh operating system: MacCVS (described earlier in Section A.1), MacCVSClient, and MacCVS Pro.

If you are running Mac OS 9 or earlier, you need to be aware of two issues:

  • The Macintosh CVS clients for OS 9 and earlier don’t have built-in SSH support. You can use SSH by following the tunnel workaround in Section A.1.1.3.

  • CVS clients in Mac OS 9 and earlier may have line-ending issues, as described in Section A.4.

OS X does not have either of these problems, as it has a built-in SSH client and both OS X and CVS use Unix-style line endings.


If you are running OS X, in addition to using the Macintosh-specific clients mentioned in this chapter, you can use the CVS command-line client, as well as the Unix and Linux graphical clients.

The Concurrent Versions Librarian (CVL) client is designed specifically for Mac OS X. It is available from


MacCVSClient is available for OS X and earlier versions from

The main display of MacCVSClient is a modules window, which provides a hierarchical list of files that includes status information. Output from commands such as diff or log is stored and can be retrieved from this window later in the session, as well as immediately after you run a command. If you switch to another application, then return, MacCVSClient attempts to refresh the cached states and modification times of any open folders. ...

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