Importing Projects

When you have created a new repository, you may want to import a project — a related collection of files stored under a single directory. It is possible to store a single file under CVS, but it will also be a project and you will need to store it under its own project directory. CVS needs to be able to create a subdirectory to store metadata about the project.

Before loading a project into CVS, consider the project’s structure. If you move a file after it has been created and stored in CVS, CVS treats it as two files: the original in the original location and the new file in the new location. The history of the file is then split into two parts. Decide how you want to structure the source files for a project before you import it into CVS.

If you will eventually want to distribute your project’s files across several unrelated directories, it is best to develop the project under a single root directory, then distribute the files as part of the installation script. Chapter 7 describes the issue of project structure in more detail.


If you have binary files or other files that are not plain text, please see the information on binary files in Chapter 3 before adding them to the repository.

Create your initial project directory structure, possibly in /tmp. Once the project is stored in CVS, this initial version can be removed. You won’t be using it as a sandbox and the project is duplicated in CVS, so there’s no reason to retain it.

Once you have your initial structure, ...

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