Sandbox Structure

A CVS sandbox is composed of a sandbox root directory, the project files and directories, and a special CVS subdirectory in the root directory and in every project directory. The sandbox root directory usually has the same name as the module it was created for, or it takes the name of the project root directory in the repository.

Project files in a sandbox are in editable form, just as if they were exported from the repository for release. The CVS subdirectory in each project directory stores metadata for the files in the project directory it is part of. This metadata is contained in a number of files (and one directory). Each of the sandbox directories may also contain a .cvsignore file.

CVS Subdirectories

Each project directory in a sandbox contains a subdirectory named CVS. This CVS subdirectory contains the files that store the administrative data for the files in the project directory. The following list describes the files and directories you will most likely find in a CVS directory. Files that are rarely encountered or are temporary are not included in this list. The full list of files is available in Chapter 11.


If you need to edit any of these files manually, back the file up before you start.


Stores the pre-editing revision of any files that are being edited with cvs edit. This is a directory, not a file.


Contains the revision information for every file in the Base directory, in the format name/revision/. Later versions of CVS may add ...

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