Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications, The

Book description

Your complete guide to today's "killer" wireless apps-and tomorrow's!

  • Covers EVERYTHING you can do with wireless technology!

  • The wireless Web: WAP and beyond

  • Mobile e-commerce: security, payment systems, and more

  • PCS and high-bandwidth 3G cellular

  • Bluetooth: breakthrough short-range wireless applications

  • For consumers, investors, executives, marketing/PR professionals, and developers

  • The next-generation wireless and mobile Internet revolution is under way! Now here's a complete guide to next-generation wireless applications and their business impact, written specifically for nontechnical professionals. The Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications covers all the latest developments, from the wireless Web to Bluetooth, WAP to 3G, and beyond. Coverage includes:

  • 3G wireless multimedia and personal services: revolutionary convenience, global compatibility

  • M-commerce: Buy anywhere, anything, right now

  • The wireless Web revolution that's about to explode

  • Bluetooth: wireless computing, networking, conferencing, and beyond

  • Phones or computers: Which platform will drive the wireless Web?

  • Internet in the sky: high-bandwidth Web services via satellite

  • Fixed wireless applications-from SOHO to enterprise

  • Mobile operators vs. content providers: Who "owns" the customer?

  • Mobile OS platforms: Palm, Windows CE, Symbian EPOC

  • A peek into the far future: 4G, holophones, and more

  • Whether you're an investor, decision maker, or consumer, Network magazine editor Andy Dornan delivers all the information you need to identify your best wireless opportunities—and take advantage of them!

    Product information

    • Title: Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications, The
    • Author(s): Andy Dornan
    • Release date: December 2000
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780130317162